Saturday 4th November

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It's All Greek:
A Morning of Myths, Magic and Glorious Greeks

Michael Loader

Acclaimed children’s storyteller, Michael Loader, will open a Pandora’s Box of theatre, song, buffoonery, puppets, props and participation, culminating in Glorious Greeks – an awesome adventure play inspired by Homer’s The Odyssey.

This extra special children’s event is in two parts. The first part is a pre-show Playshop in which the children build monster puppets and create a brand new Odyssean adventure which will feature in the Glorious Greeks show.

The second part of the morning’s adventures is the performance of Glorious Greeks where Mr. Oddy (a descendant of Odysseus himself) tells the mythical and magical story of The Odyssey in all its exciting and audacious glory. How to OUTWIT greedy monsters, ESCAPE the savage one-eyed Cyclops, SURVIVE the sweet-singing siren sisters and OVERCOME the sucking and spewing whirlpool, with the cleverest hero of all time - Odysseus!

Michael Loader – aka Mr. Oddy - will keep everyone enthralled and spellbound. Perfect for children of 5 years and above and anyone with a spirit of adventure.

9.45 am Playshop (45 minutes)
Places limited to 30 children
11.00 am Glorious Greeks (60 minutes)

Playshop £3 per child
Glorious Greeks £3 per child
Playshop & Greeks £5 per child

Venue: Bridport Youth and Community Centre