Tuesday 7th November

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The Oldie
Literary Lunch

Paula Byrne
Anne de Courcy
Harry Mount

The Bridport Literary Festival is delighted that the The Oldie Magazine has chosen to host one of their celebrated Literary Luncheons as part of this year’s Festival at the elegant clifftop Seaside Boarding House at Burton Bradstock. A specially created three-course menu of delicious things to eat will be followed by lively and illuminating talks given by three guest authors who will speak for ten minutes each about their books.

Paula Byrne is an author of four best-selling biographies including Evelyn Waugh and the Secrets of Brideshead and her latest, The Genius of Jane Austen, celebrates the 200th anniversary of the writer’s death. This is a radical portrait of the author we know little about - Austen was a lover of comic theatre and farce and its dazzling dialogue - and the book explores why her novels have made such successful films and television series.

Anne de Courcy is the author of thirteen widely acclaimed works of social history and biography including The Fishing Fleet: Husband Hunting in the Raj. Her latest book, The Husband Hunters: Social Climbing in London and New York traces the fortunes of buccaneering young women, mostly heiresses, who invaded Britain at the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth with the sole purpose of marrying into the British Peerage. Stories of their adventures are astonishing.

Harry Mount is a former leader-writer for the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail and the Sunday Time and Spectator and the recently appointed young Editor of The Oldie. He still finds time to write best sellers and his latest: Summer Madness: How Brexit Split the Tories Destroyed Labour and Divided the Country is a wonderfully chilling yet hilarious day-to-day account of three weeks of mass blood letting when Britain voted Out and Theresa May was voted In. He will also discuss the state we are in now!

12.30 pm for 1.00pm
Guest Speakers 2.15 pm
End 3.00 pm

Tickets: £48

Venue: The Seaside Boarding House

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Man of Iron

Julian Glover

Thomas Telford’s name is familiar; his story less so. Born in 1757 in the Scottish Borders and growing up in poverty, Telford’s life soared to span almost eight decades of gloriously obsessive, prodigiously productive energy. Few people have done more to shape our nation. A stonemason turned architect turned engineer, he built churches, harbours, canals, docks and created the backbone of our national road network. His bridges are some of the most dramatic including Menai Bridge. Julian Glover, journalist, speechwriter and special adviser to the UK Department of Transport gives a fascinating illustrated talk exploring a life of achievement through persistence.

Time: 10.30 am

Tickets: £10

Venue: The Bull Hotel - Ballroom

Sponsored by: Jean Edwards

Illustrated Talk

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Caesar's Footprints

Bijan Omrani

Julius Caesar’s conquests in Gaul in the 50s BC were bloody, but the cultural revolution they brought in their wake transformed forever the ancient Celtic culture of that country. After Caesar, the Gauls exchanged their tribal quarrels for togas and acquired the attributes of civilized urban life. Historian and classicist, Bijan Omrani, takes us on a sequence of thrilling journeys across France in Caesar’s footsteps revealing how the Romans changed Europe forever.

Introduced by Caroline Montagu

Time: 3.30 pm

Tickets: £8

Venue: The Bull Hotel - Ballroom

Sponsored by: Anonymously

Illustrated Talk

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A Pilgrim's Guide to
Sacred London

Jason Goodwin

Beneath the carapace of London lie relics of an old enchantment, when Guildhall was the palace of Trojan kings and Westminster Abbey was the holy of holies, secluded on Thorney Island. First in a series to cover the whole of England, Sacred London will let you see the capital in a new light – a city of river worship, ancient stones and holy wells. Jason Goodwin gives an illustrated talk about places of sanctuary away from the scrum of the modern city - quiet spaces and forgotten wildernesses in the very heart of London.

Time: 5.00 pm

Tickets: £8

Venue: The Bull Hotel - Ballroom

Illustrated Talk

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Monika Linton

Monika Linton is a pioneering importer of Spanish Food and the owner of the hugely successful Brindisa restaurants.

Brindisa: The True Food of Spain, Monika’s first book, is a comprehensive study of the diverse foods and regional recipes of Spain, as well as an engaging personal account of her journeys to the Iberian Peninsula over three decades, meeting the food producers and acquiring their specialist knowledge. It is the ultimate cookbook in contemporary Spanish cooking, covering the unique way good food is integral to everyday Spanish life. Not simply a book of recipes, it is a true celebration of Spain – its food and people. In conversation with local food writer, Shirley Booth, a member of the Guild of Food Writers, the evening will culminate in a delicious two course Spanish feast based on recipes drawn from Brindisa and prepared by Sladers Yard, masterchef, Jackie Spendlow.

In conversation with Shirley Booth

Time: 6.30 pm

Tickets: £12 / £30* (*includes a two course dinner)

Venue: Sladers Yard

Sponsored by: Carol Hammick

Illustrated Talk